Use Of Tape Recorders

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) works to protect the Capitol Square Complex (CS) while working with the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) to ensure a safe working environment for all employees and visitors. CSRAB strives to provide easy access for the news media while protecting the buildings and property of the state of Ohio.

When media coverage is authorized, individual journalists may bring tape recorders into the Ohio Statehouse and use them to record press conferences and other public meetings so long as they do not cause any distraction. Journalists using tape recorders may sit at any place in the audience during a press conference or other public meeting, unless required to sit in a press area. All tape recorders must be kept on the reporter's person at all times. Tape Recorders will not be permitted to be placed on podiums or tables adjacent to the speaker(s).

Ohio Statehouse clients are encouraged to work with the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board to request a multimedia-box for news outlets to utilize to record press conferences and other public meetings. It is strongly encouraged that journalists invest in equipment compatible to the Ohio Statehouse multimedia-boxes.

Responsibility for Damages

News outlets and/or individual reporters will be responsible for repair costs for any damage done to the complex while covering Capitol Square.


CSRAB deeply appreciates your interest in the occurrences on Capitol Square and your cooperation in maintaining a safe and secure environment free of distractions and damages. Please contact Mike Rupert, CSRAB Communications Manager at 614-728-4185 or with questions or concerns.