Emergency 911
Ohio State Highway Patrol 614-466-0506
Steve Friday, Asst. Deputy Director of Security & Safety 614-728-9796
Main Office Number 614-752-9777
Executive Director

Laura P. Battocletti

Assistant to the Executive Director
Lydia Barger 614-752-7298
Finance and Administration
Eric Bell, Deputy Director 614-387-1086
Chief Legal Counsel
Alison M. Buzzard, Esq. 614-387-2462
Human Resources
Elizabeth Brown, Manager 614-728-6058
Communications and Marketing
Mike Rupert, Communications Manager 614-728-4185
Dayna Jalkanen, Deputy Director of Museum and Education 614-728-2697
Chris Matheney, Historic Site Manager and Asst. Deputy Director 614-728-2696
Katie Montgomery, Educational Services and Museum Collections Manager 614-728-3726
Emily Volkmann, Museum and Programs Coordinator 614-466-9335
Special Events
Angela Glick, Special Events Manager 614-728-9233
Marybeth Pancoast  614-466-2125
Taylor Wegman 614-466-2251
Statehouse Museum Gift Shop 614-728-9234
Lee Anne Back, Manager 614-728-9770
Maintenance - Buildings & Grounds
Phil Miller, Assistant Director, Operations 614-644-2022
Tracy Turner, Deputy Director, Building & Grounds 614-728-5625
Special Cleaning Requests 614-752-9777
Custodial Manager 614-728-5518
Garage 614-728-2557
Tery Payne, Garage Manager 614-728-2564
John Hutt, Grounds Manager 614-644-9043
Ohio Government Telecommunications 614-728-4183
Capitol Cafe  614-728-9231
Service Requests 614-752-9777