April 2, 2019
McCulloch, William M.
Located outside the chamber of the Ohio House of Representatives (second floor, Ohio Statehouse)

This plaque is next to the bust of William M. McCulloch, who served as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives 1939-1943, in the Ohio House of Representatives 1933-1943, and United States House of Representatives 1947-1972. The plaque reads:

“We are a nation of many people and views. In such a nation, the prime purpose of a legislator, from wherever he may come, is to accommodate the interests, desires, wants and needs of all our citizens. To alienate some in order to satisfy others is not only a disservice to those we alienate, but a violation of the principles of our Republic. Lawmaking is the reconciliation of divergent views. In a democratic society like ours, the purpose of representative government is to soften tension – reduce strife – while enabling groups and individuals to more nearly obtain the kind of life they wish to live.”
William M. McCulloch
Speaking before the
U.S. House of Representatives
12 October 1971