Warren G. Harding

1921 - 1923


Born on November 2, 1865 in Corsica (Blooming Grove), Ohio, Harding can be remembered for many firsts. Besides being the first to be elected on his birthday and the first president born after the Civil War, he was also the first president to have been a publisher, and the first to be elected with women's votes. He was the first to ride in a car to his inauguration where he became the first to give his inaugural address over an amplified system. The radio played a big role in Harding's election. He was the first to broadcast a speech by radio, and after being the first to hear about his election victory over the radio, Harding furthered his firsts of the radio by being the first to own and install a radio in the White House.


In August of 1923 during his presidency, he died in San Francisco of a heart attack.


Artifacts on display in the Harding Room include:

  • A campaign button from Harding's 1920 presidential campaign.
  • Appropriately, a golf Ball, made by Spalding in 1921. President Harding was an avid golfer and often toured the links with other elected leaders from around the nation and the world.
  • A campaign button made by A. J. Keil Company of Philadelphia, PA for the Harding/Coolidge 1920 campaign.
  • A Masonic ring presented to President-elect Warren G. Harding by the Enoch Lodge of Perfection of Columbus on January 5, 1921.
  • A letter opener presented to President Harding during his trip to Alaska by the Brethren of the AASR Valley of Juneau, Orient of Alaska, in 1923. The handle is made of raw gold nuggets panned from the streams of Alaska.
  • A Masonic watch fob presented to President-elect Warren G. Harding on January 5, 1921.