Benjamin Harrison

1889 - 1893


Born and raised on the family farm in North Bend, Ohio, Harrison was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison, also of North Bend. They are the only grandfather-grandson duo to serve as Presidents of the United States. After marrying in 1853, he moved to Indianapolis and spent the greater part of his life as a pillar in the Indianapolis community. Out of the eight Ohio presidents, he is the least associated with Ohio and is often known as Indiana's First Citizen.


Items on display in the Harrison Room include:

  • Bronze medal made to celebrate the Presidential inauguration of Benjamin Harrison on March 4, 1889.
  • Campaign button, enameled metal, from the 1888 election. Harrison used some of the themes and images from his grandfather's successful campaign of 1840.
  • Campaign medal from the 1888 election.
  • U.S. flag, silk with 44 stars and Benjamin Harrison's image printed on it, from the 1892 election.
  • Campaign pin and button from the 1888 election.