Christie Bryant Kuhns

House : 2015-2017
Senate :
Home : Cincinnati
Occupation(s) : Lawyer, Business Owner
Party : Democrat

Christie Bryant Khuns represented the 32nd House District during the 131st General Assembly in Ohio.  She began her term as Christie Bryant.  At the University of Cincinnati, she earned a B.A. in Psychology and a J.D., Doctor of Law.  


Representative Kuhns served as Ranking Member on the Financial Institutions, House & Urban Development Committee, which is the House Minority’s highest ranking official on the legislative panel, and served on both the Insurance and Health and Aging Committees.  


Representative Kuhns served as Parliamentarian to the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC), and served as Chair for the first OLBC Convention, which was held in Cincinnati.  She participated with OLBC members in statewide town halls, the OLBC Legislative Action Tour and OLBC Day of Action.


Representative Kuhns served as Secretary in the Ohio House Democratic Women’s Caucus, which hosted an annual Women's Lobby Day, hosted legend Gloria Steinem to advocate for Ohio's women and served as the primary voice to speak up for Women's reproductive rights.  


Representative Kuhns worked across the aisle with co-sponsor Jonathan Dever (R-Madeira) to pass House Resolution 107 urging Congress to reinstate funding for Ohio’s Save the Dream Program which has been instrumental in keeping Ohioans in their homes as Ohio recovered from the housing crisis. The Resolution passed the House, was presented to Congress and Ohio received additional funding.


 In 2022, she became the President and CEO of the Urban Lague of Greater Southwestern Ohio. 



The Ohio House of Representatives, 131st General Assembly booklet.