This flag was designed by Norma Zorn and Peg Ensign for Erie County¿s Sesquicentennial in 1988. It was adopted by the county on April 27, 1988. This red, white and blue flag features a map of Erie County with pictures of things that are important to each area of the county. A light bulb marks Milan, Ohio where inventor Thomas Edison was born. The mallard duck reminds us of Castalia where thousands of ducks live on the central pond. A jumping fish represents great fishing at Bay View. The boat, a lake freighter, signifies the importance of the shipping industry at Sandusky. The Huron lighthouse is a beacon to boaters and a subject for artists. Sailing at Vermilion is signified by a sailboat. Agriculture is shown by an apple at Berlin Heights. Kelly's Island, site of a 4-H camp, is marked with the 4-H symbol, a four leaf clover. "Port of Opportunity" is the current slogan of Erie County. The county was established in 1838. Its name came from the Erie Tribe of Native Americans, and means "cat."