In 2014, Cuyahoga County partnered with the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) to design a seal reflective of the County’s background. Nolan Beck, a CIA student, submitted the winning design representing four significant pieces that make Cuyahoga County a great place to live and work. Water represents Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River, both supporting commerce and travel, while providing food and enjoyment for residents and tourists. The leaf symbolizes the beautiful parks and forests, nicknamed “Forest City,” throughout the area. The life line exemplifies Northeast Ohio’s strength in healthcare. The bridge embodies the skill and engineering used to create the various bridges within the region. The cog encompassing the seal represents a gear, illustrating the rich history and vital role the region plays in manufacturing. Cuyahoga County was established in 1808. The county was named after the Cuyahoga River and the Native American word for “crooked” or “winding stream.”