September 18, 2023
Universal Changing Table Unveiled At Ohio Statehouse
Pictured left to right:
Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services Superintendent Pamela Combs
Kim Boulter, Changing Spaces Ohio
Aiden Boulter
CSRAB Executive Director Laura Battocletti

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) is proud to announce the addition of a height-adjustable universal changing table at the Ohio Statehouse to meet the restroom needs of people with disabilities and those with complex medical conditions through collaborations with the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services and Changing Spaces Ohio, an organization advocating for accessible restrooms for all.

Universal changing tables are similar to infant changing tables found in restrooms at restaurants and shopping and entertainment venues, but are designed to accommodate the height and weight of adults. Without these tables, children and adults with disabilities cannot access public venues or must be changed on the ground or in unsafe environments.

The Statehouse’s mobile universal changing table is conveniently located in what is known as the Mother’s Room, a private room off the Map Room on the ground floor. It can accommodate people up to 400 pounds.