Weddings - Photography

Photo permit holders are permitted to take photographs inside and outside of the Ohio Statehouse. If other events are taking place simultaneously, photo permit holders must be considerate and not interfere or interrupt those events. All photo permits shoots must be conducted in accordance with CSRAB's Rules, as set forth by the Ohio General Assembly, as well as federal, state and local laws.


There are special requirements and deadlines regarding photo permits. The CSRAB wedding coordinator will review the guidelines with you during the booking process. 


(1) Availability

To photograph at the Ohio Statehouse, contact the CSRAB Office of Special Events at 614/752-9777 for availability. You must then complete a Photo Application for Permit and supporting documents.


Photo Application for Permit forms are accepted no more than 90 days in advance of the requested date. All paperwork must be received at least 15 days in advance.

(2) Application for Permit and Paperwork The following paperwork must be received by CSRAB, with your non-refundable $50 administrative fee, prior to your photo permit being approved:


Application for Permit and Paperwork PDF


A 15-day waiver form must be completed when submitting a Photo Application for Permit less than 15 days prior to your photography date.


15 Day Waiver Form


(3) Send it in

Send the completed Photo Application for Permit and supporting documents along with the non-refundable $50 administrative fee to:

Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board Office of Special Events

Ohio Statehouse

1 Capitol Square

Columbus, Ohio 43215-4275    

Payment may be made with check or credit card. Please, make checks payable to—Treasurer, State of Ohio


Credit cards are accepted. If paying with a credit card fill out the Credit Card Authorization form.


(4) Approving Your Photography Session

Upon receipt of your Photo Permit for Application, supporting documents and non-refundable $50 administrative fee, CSRAB will review your Photo Application for Permit and notify you if your photography session is approved or denied.

All requested interior and exterior spaces may not be available due to government business or a prior approved special events.


Any person or permit holder wishing to obtain a waiver for these rules must contact CSRAB, in writing, within a reasonable time in advance of the event.


CSRAB reserves the right to amend these rules for the granting of permits when the board deems it appropriate to do so.


The right to further appeal the decision of CSRAB shall be referred to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas under section 119.12 of the Ohio Revised Code.