Parking - Automated Payment System

The Ohio Statehouse underground parking garage is an automated payment parking facility. Drivers who utilize daily parking services in the Statehouse garage are required to take their parking ticket with them and use any one of the "Pay-on-Foot" payment machines prior to exiting the Statehouse parking garage.


The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board operates a parking system that dramatically improves the speed of exiting the parking garage. The automated Pay-on-Foot payment machines provide customers with a quick transaction speed.


Pay-on-Foot payment machines are located throughout the green level of the Statehouse parking facility. Pay-on-Foot machines are marked with high visible signage and are located near the north and south garage entrances to the Statehouse and the stairwells to Broad and High Streets, State and High Streets and the garage office area.


The machines accept cash and MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card credit cards.


The system functions 24 hours a day.


How the automated payment system works:
1. Enter Ohio Statehouse Underground Parking Garage and take parking ticket from machine. (Gate goes up)
2. Proceed to parking stall on any of the three levels.
3. When leaving vehicles, parkers must take their parking ticket with them.
4. Complete task, meeting, event or reason for parking in Statehouse parking garage.
5. Proceed to any one of the five conveniently located Pay-on-Foot payment stations, located throughout the Green Level of the parking facility.
6. Insert parking ticket and make payment with cash or credit card.
7. Remove parking ticket and receipt. (Upon payment, parkers have 15 minutes to exit the parking garage).
8. Proceed to gate and insert parking ticket into machine and exit. (Gate goes up)


If additional assistance is needed, drivers may press the intercom button at each Pay-on-Foot payment station and exit gate for assistance.


FOR SPECIAL EVENT PARKERS: The Ohio Statehouse offers "event parking" during large downtown events, including events held at the Ohio, Palace and Riffe Center Theatres. Special event parkers are able to "pre-pay" with parking garage staff using cash or credit cards prior to entering the Statehouse garage. Parkers will then be able to exit quickly, without stopping at the exit gate, after large downtown events.