James Rhodes

1963 - 1971

Oil on Canvas

24.0" x 30.0"

Statehouse Room 123


Governor Biography
Jim Rhodes was born in Coalton, Ohio in 1909 and died in Columbus in 2001. His father was a coal miner and mine operator. It was the desire for better mining conditions that drove the family to Indiana in 1910. When his father died in 1918, the remaining family moved back to Ohio and took up residency in Jackson County. Rhodes' high school education took place in Springfield, Ohio where the family had moved to in 1923. Jim Rhodes attended the Ohio State University, and during that time organized a Republican Club on campus. In 1934, he was elected Ward Committeeman and his political life began. From the Columbus Board of Education to City Auditor of Columbus to Mayor of Columbus, his political career began to take off. In 1952 he was elected State Auditor, lost an election for Governor in 1956, and was the successful candidate for Governor in 1962 when he defeated Michael DiSalle. One major event during his tenure in office was the Kent State University riots where the Ohio National Guard, sent in by Rhodes to stop the rioting, shot and killed a number of students protesting the War in Vietnam. One of Rhodes' true loves was the Ohio State Fair and he was instrumental in making it one of the two largest in the nation. The economy of the state greatly expanded under the leadership of Governor Rhodes.

David Philip Wilson 1909-1981

Artist Biography
David Philip Wilson was born in 1902 in Northern Ohio. He primarily painted portraits of children and is also known for his landscape work and photography. Wilson was born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. He studied at the Carnegie Institute of Art and Design under Charles Hopkinson. He also exhibited at the Cleveland Museum and the Chicago Art Institute.