Michael V. Disalle

1959 - 1963

Oil on Canvas

32.0" x 25.0"

Statehouse Room 110


Governor Biography
Michael V. Disalle was born in New York City in 1908, moved with his family to Toledo in 1911 and attended Toledo Public and parochial schools. He studied law at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., graduating in 1931. In 1936 he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. He lost narrowly two years later in a race for the Ohio Senate. In 1941, Disalle was as a member of Toledo City Council where he served for five terms. An unsuccessful candidate for Congress in 1946, and also unsuccessful in an attempt for a 1950 U.S. Senate seat, DiSalle won an appointment to a federal post in 1950. In 1952 DiSalle lost another bid for a U.S. Senate seat. DiSalle ran for the Ohio Governorship in 1956, but lost to C. William O'Neill in the general election. DiSalle came back to win against O'Neill in their next contest. This year's election was concurrent with the hotly debated "right to work" issue being on the ballot. The organized labor movement within the state threw its strong support behind Disalle. After his term as Governor, Disalle set up a law firm in Washington, D.C.. Michael DiSalle died in 1981 while vacationing in Pescara, Italy.

Philip Wilson 1909-1981

Artist Biography
David Philip Wilson was born in 1902 in Northern Ohio. He primarily painted portraits of children and is also known for his landscape work and photography. Wilson was born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. He studied at the Carnegie Institute of Art and Design under Charles Hopkinson. He also exhibited at the Cleveland Museum and the Chicago Art Institute.