Frank J. Lausche

1949 - 1957

Oil on Canvas

30.0" x 24.0"

Statehouse Room 121


Governor Biography
Lausche served his second term as Governor from 1949 through 1957 when he defeated Thomas Herbert in the election of 1948. Lausche was a Democrat from Cuyahoga County. Governor Lausche was one of the most popular Democrats in Ohio political history. His margins of victory in the face of amazingly large national Republican landslides became legendary. He was the first four-term governor in the history of the State of Ohio and his 1952 vote count of 2,019,029 made him the first Ohioan ever to cross the two million vote level. Lausche was born in the steel center of Cleveland in 1895 and helped support his family by selling newspapers and acting as the neighborhood lamplighter as a child. Later, Lausche became a semi-professional baseball player in the Eastern League. During World War I, Lausche joined the army as a Private and rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant. After the war, Lausche went to law school at John Marshall in Cleveland and graduated in 1920. After passing the bar, he joined the law firm of the future United States Senator Cyrus Locher. Lausche ran for the Ohio Legislature in 1922 and 1924, losing both those bids. In 1932 Governor White appointed Lausche to fill a vacancy on the Cleveland Municipal bench, and was elected Mayor of Cleveland in 1941. In 1944 he was elected Governor of Ohio being opposed in that bid by James Garfield Steward, then Mayor of Cincinnati. His term as Governor was interrupted only by Thomas J. Herbert's election in 1946, riding the crest of a national Republican landslide.

David Philip Wilson 1909-1981

Artist Biography
David Wilson was a Cleveland artist of some renown. Wilson painted many portraits of important personages of the 1940s and 1950s. He was born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania and studied at the Carnegie Institute of Art and Design. He studied under Charles Hopkinson. Wilson exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute and the Cleveland Museum of Art.