John W. Bricker

1939 - 1945

Oil on Canvas

40.0" x 32.0"

Statehouse Room 122


Governor Biography
John William Bricker was born in 1893 to parents of Bavarian and Scotch/Irish descent. Bricker was from Madison County, Ohio and attended Mt. Sterling High School. He served in World War I as a chaplain due to a "slow heart" which kept him out of the normal service. Graduating from The Ohio State University, Bricker became Solicitor for Grandview, Ohio and was later appointed to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. In 1928, at the age of 34, Bricker became a candidate for Attorney General, barely losing this statewide election. He was elected Attorney General on his second try in 1932 in the face of a nation-wide and state-wide Democratic landslide. During World War II he controlled the state council of defense as the National Guard had been called into service overseas. Bricker was elected Governor of the State of Ohio in 1939.

James W. Grimes

Artist Biography
Listed in Mallet's directory of artists, James Grimes was a professor in the College of Fine Art at The Ohio State University during the 1940's and 1950's. He worked in many mediums and is the artist that created the mosaic mural at the Arlington Park Elementary School in central Ohio. His address in 1960 shows him residing in the Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington.