A. Victor Donahey

1923 - 1929

Oil on Canvas

30.0" x 24.0"

Statehouse Room 123


Governor Biography
Victor Donahey was born July 7, 1875 on a farm in Tuscararawas County, Ohio. His father was a farmer and a school teacher of Scotch/Irish descent. The family moved to New Philadelphia in the late 1880s where he attended high school. He left school in his junior year to learn the business of printing. At the age of 20 he purchased his own print shop. He married Mary Harvey of Dover, Ohio in 1897 and had twelve children. His political career began when he was elected clerk of the township trustees and then in 1905 when he was elected auditor of Tuscarawas County. In 1911, Donahey was elected to the Fourth Ohio Constitutional Convention, and was nominated by the Democrat party to the office of State Auditor and served in this position for two four-year terms. He was known as a stickler for perfection in his position as Auditor. One slightly humorous incident involved a judge's expense account in which a baked potato was listed for thirty cents and Donahey allowed only ten cents for the item, the response was the judge taking the discrepancy to court. Donahey received the nomination for Governor in 1920, but was rebuffed at the polls. Fortune, however, smiled at him in 1922 when he was elected to the Governorship for the first of three two year terms. "Honest Vic" was elected by some of the greatest pluralities seen up to that time. Donahey died in Dover, Ohio in 1946.

Ross Chandler

Artist Biography
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