Harry Davis

1921 - 1923

Oil on Canvas

30.0" x 24.0"

Statehouse Room 124


Governor Biography
Harry Davis was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1878 and died in 1950. His public education ended at 13 years of age when he went to work in the steel mills with his Welsh immigrant father. The world of politics appealed to him at an early age. He became active in the Republican Party in his teens. He went back to night school at that time as well. Davis' father was elected to the State Legislature and Davis was appointed as a page in that body. His political future began to bud when he was elected Treasurer of Cleveland in 1909, and in 1915 was elected Mayor of Cleveland. Three successive terms in that office paved the way for his governorship in 1921. Upon the close of his term in office he did not seek reelection and returned to his old office as Mayor of Cleveland. During his term he aided in the expansion of Ohio State University, created the Roosevelt Game Preserve in Scioto County (the first game preserve in the state) and established a Prohibition Department as a special enforcement agency for that Federal law. He was also instrumental in the formation of legislation to force an end to the work stoppage in the great coal strikes of that era.

Gordon Stevenson 1892-1970?

Artist Biography
Stevenson was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1892. Gordon Stevenson was a pupil of Sorolla, a member of Salma Club and the American Watercolor Society. He is represented in the Brooklyn Museum. Stevenson relocated to New York City in the 1930s.