James M. Cox

1913 - 1915

Oil on Canvas

30.0" x 24.0"

Statehouse Room 040


Governor Biography
Cox won election to the Governorship in 1912 assuming office January of 1913. Cox , a progressive, had split the Republican vote to gain the success. Cox was born in 1870. His first career was a school teacher. He then went into the newspaper and printing business in Dayton, Ohio. He also served as secretary to Congressman Paul Sorg. His target occupation became Editor and Publisher of first the Dayton Daily News, and then in 1905 the Springfield News. He was a tried and true Democrat in a Republican state. Cox was accused of running roughshod over the legislature that year. He gained the nomination again in 1914, however lost to Frank Willis in the general election. He was reelected in the next run for the governorship and served until 1921.

Henry Mosler 1841-1920

Artist Biography
Mosler resided in Cincinnati during the 1870s and studied with J.H. Beard. He also studied with Mencke and Kindler in Dusseldorf; with Hebert in Paris; and with Norbert Wagner in Munich. Mosler is represented in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (" Saying Grace"), The Toledo Museum of Art ("Biskarian Minstrel"), Cincinnati Museum of Art ("Wedding Feast in Brittany") and at the Luxembourg Palace galleries in Paris ("The Prodigals' Return"). Mosler acted as a special artist for Harper's Weekly during the Civil War. Awards include: Corcoran Price -Washington D.C.; Gold medal - Nice 1884; Gold medal, Paris 1888 to name a few.