Judson Harmon

1909 - 1913

Oil on Canvas

42.0" x 30.0"

Statehouse Room 315


Governor Biography
Judson Harmon was born in Hamilton County, Ohio in 1846. He was the son of a Baptist minister who administered his early educational instruction. In 1866 he graduated from Baptist College in Granville, Ohio and in 1892 he received his honorary LLD from that college. Harmon's law degree was received from the Cincinnati Law School in 1869, and he was admitted to the Ohio Bar Association that year. In 1876 he was elected to a Judgeship in Cincinnati, and in 1895 he was appointed United States Attorney General in the administration of President Cleveland. Harmon was elected Governor of Ohio in 1908, and took office in January of 1909.

Attributed - Freeman Thorpe 1844-1922

Artist Biography
Thorpe was a prominent portraitist. Some of his works include Governor Trimble, John Sherman and Garfield. Thorp was also a war hero of sorts. He served with the 2nd Ohio Cavalry from 1861 through 1864, and later served with the Ohio National Guard during the Cincinnati riots of 1880.