Asa Smith Bushnell

1896 - 1900

Oil on Canvas

56.0" x 38.0"

Statehouse Room 119


Governor Biography
Governor Bushnell was born in Rome, New York in 1834 and died in Columbus, Ohio, in 1904. The Republican called Springfield, Ohio his home. In 1885 he was selected to become Chairman of the Republican State Executive Committee, which elected Governor Foraker. In 1886 he was appointed to the position of State Quartermaster General, and in 1895 was successful in his bid for the gubernatorial nomination and in the general election to the Governorship of the State.

Albert C. Fauley 1858-1919

Artist Biography
Albert Fauley was born in 1858 and left at age 19 to study in France. He was the pupil of Bougereau at the Julian Academy and under Constant and Le Febre at the Rossi School near Mont Martre in Paris. Fauley was a close friend and associate of Alice Schille, the highly accomplished artist from Columbus, Ohio, and joined her in Europe for months of painting during the summers. He was also a close associate of Alexis La Haye in Paris. He painted the portraits of three Ohio Governors: Campbell, McKinley and Bushnell; and Chief Justices Swan and Williams. Fauley was an artist of great renown during his life and highly collectable today. Fauley died in Columbus, Ohio on December 15, 1919.