Rutherford B. Hayes

1868 - 1872

Oil on Canvas

48.0" x 36.0"

Statehouse Room 114


Governor Biography
Rutherford B. Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio in 1822. He was raised by his mother with the assistance of an uncle due to his father's early demise. His education included the Academy at Norwalk, Ohio; Isaac Webbs' School in Middletown, Connecticut; and Kenyon College. He later studied law at Sparrow and his Masters in Columbus. He then relocated his efforts to Harvard Law School where he graduated in 1845. While practicing law in Cincinnati he became involved with the "Literary Club of Cincinnati" where he befriended many of the mentally invigorating personalities of the day. He served in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, and was wounded on four occasions. His final rank following the war was Major General Brevet. In 1865 Hayes was elected to Congress and in 1867 to the Governorship of Ohio. In 1876 he was elected to the Presidency of the United States. The withdrawal of the occupation forces from the South and the reinstitution of self-government in the South were among his most important accomplishments during his administration.

Charles T. Webber 1825-1911

Artist Biography
C.T. Webber was active in the mid-nineteenth century. He was a member of the "Old Sketch Club" which was formed from the most accomplished Cincinnati artists in 1860s. Webber later painted the "Fighting McCooks." Webber also organized the McMicken School of Art and Design in 1869. The "Underground Railroad" was also a much heralded painting of his painted in the 1870's.