Governor Portraits
Thomas Kirker

1807 - 1808

Oil on Canvas

24.0" x 20.0"

Room 201


Governor Biography

Thomas Kirker was born in 1760 in Ireland. Kirker was named to be a delegate to the Constitutional Convention put in place to establish a constitution for the new State of Ohio. He was representing Adams County, where he had settled after emigrating from Ireland. He was elected to the First General Assembly of the state which met at Chillicothe in 1803. Kirker represented his county as Senator in the next 12 General Assemblies. He was Speaker of the Senate when a gubernatorial vacancy occurred and he filled in at the post from 1807 to 1808. Return J. Meigs had been declared ineligible due to a citizenship question.

Silas Martin 1841-1906

Artist Biography

Silas Martin studied with artist John Witt. He specialized in landscapes and still-life. He painted portraiture of McKinley, Kirker and many other luminaries. He was the first teacher of George Bellows in Columbus before Bellows departed for New York City.