Charles Anderson

1865 - 1866

Oil on Canvas

30.0" x 23.0"

Statehouse Room 122


Governor Biography
Charles Anderson was born in 1814 in New Louisville, Kentucky. He studied the classics and general scholastics before leaving home for Miami University in 1829. In 1835 Anderson graduated from Miami University with a degree in the law and began his legal profession in Dayton shortly thereafter. His election to the Ohio State Senate started his political career. Anderson was one of the catalysts of the drive for a new Statehouse in Columbus as his architectural interests drove him to pressure the Grand Jury into condemning the old statehouse. In addition, Anderson worked tirelessly to keep the Union intact and, in fact, was held as a political prisoner in Texas for a time before escaping to the North. He held the position of Colonel in the 93rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, and received wounds at the battle of Stone River. He was elected Lieutenant Governor of Ohio in 1863, and he became Governor upon the death of Governor John Brough in 1865. Anderson died in 1895 at Kuttawa, Kentucky.

Charles T. Webber 1825-?

Artist Biography
C.T. Webber was an active painter in the mid-nineteenth century. He was a member of the "Old Sketch Club" which was formed from the most accomplished Cincinnati artists in 1860s. He later painted the "Fighting McCooks." Webber organized the McMicken School of Art and Design in 1869. The "Underground Railroad" was also a much heralded painting of his in the 1870's.