Ruben Wood

1850 - 1853

Oil on Canvas

28.0" x 24.0"

Statehouse Room 119


Governor Biography
Wood served as Governor in 1850, 1851 and 1853. In 1851 a new constitution was enacted and the resultant vacation of the office of Governor accounted for the gap in his administration. Wood was born in Royalton, Vermont in 1793 and died near Cleveland, Ohio in 1864. He received a classical education in Canada and later studied law. In 1812 he was drafted to fight against the United States in that war, but resisted action against his own country. He, with others, performed a harrowing escape across Lake Ontario and were held as spies by the American Fleet for a time. In 1818 he officially immigrated to Cleveland, and was eventually admitted to the bar in Ohio. In 1825 he was elected to the Ohio Senate, and served for six years. The "Old Cuyahoga Chief", as he was known, served in a number of judgeships including the position of Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. Wood resigned the Governorship in 1853, to accept the Consulship to Valparaiso, S.A. In 1852 he had missed gaining the Democratic nomination for president by one vote.

Rufus Wright 1832-1895

Artist Biography
Rufus Wright was a portrait painter who accomplished the portraits of Chief Justice Taney, Secretaries Stanton, Seward and others. Wright worked in Akron in the 1870's and in New York City in the 1860's. His work "The Heathen Chinee" is in the collection of the National Gallery. Wright died in San Francisco in 1895.