Joseph Vance

1836 - 1838

Oil on Canvas

26.0" x 20.0"

Room 122


Governor Biography
Governor Vance was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1786 and died in Urbana, Ohio in 1852. He moved to Ohio with his family in 1801, and built the first log cabin to be erected in Urbana that year. It is said that during his trips to Kentucky on the salt trade, he was forced to stand guard all night long at his camp to protect his oxen from the wolves and panthers roaming the forest. In 1820 he was elected to the State Legislature. The next year he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and also founded Findlay, Ohio in that same year. The next 15 years he served in the Congress. In 1850 he was "struck down with paralysis" and died two years later.

Laura C. Birge 1876-1928

Artist Biography
Birge was a pupil of Clara Soule, Tiel and Luminais. She was born in Seneca Falls, New York c. 1876 and studied in Munich and Paris. The great art scholar and teacher Professor Rimmer was her Munich tutor. Her studies in Munich spanned a period of some four years during which time she mastered the style inherent to the Munich school.