Podcast Tours

Explore the Ohio Statehouse with an iPod or other digital device. A free series of video and audio podcasts are available to lead visitors throughout the historic Statehouse and the Capitol Square complex, highlighting the architectural features and rooms, artwork and history of the building. 

An iPod or other digital device will act as a personal tour guide and allow Ohio Statehouse visitors to view Capitol Square at their own pace. 

Podcast tours can be downloaded by visitors prior to a Statehouse visit, or free WiFi is available in most areas of the Ohio Statehouse after visitors arrive. Simply find the "OGA" (Ohio General Assembly) network. 

Download the free video podcasts from iTunes.
Download the free audio podcasts from iTunes

The "Capitol Ohio" podcasts range in length from 45 seconds to several minutes and feature a variety of aspects of the Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Senate Building and Atrium. 

Music, sounds and creative effects help make viewers and listeners feel as though they are stepping back in time as they learn about the building, its rooms and the historic art collection. 

The podcast video and audio tours allow the visitor to set their pace. See all that you want to see - in the order you want to see it. It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

To access the free Ohio Statehouse podcast video and audio tours on iTunes:
1. Grab your digital device and be sure to download the latest version of iTunes.
2. Open iTunes on your computer or digital device. 
3. Search "Capitol Ohio" and download.

You can also view the podcasts in our video library.

The Ohio Statehouse is more than just a monument to our past - it is where history happens!